Dinosaur Series 5 card - Backside view

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Strategy Magazine


The Collector: Bill Eugley

First off, many thanks to Strategy for allowing me to reprint the article. It's packed full of information and had my name all over it. How good is that?

To try and speed up the load somewhat, I made small images of the pictures. If you want to see a larger version, just click the pics.



This is a frame holding 2 uncut sheets of cards, a promotion box of Red Rose Tea and an a magazine ad.





This shows a comparison of Canadian to US cards. Sorry Sara, it looks like the Arctic but this is from Animals of North America. 

Finally, there is an insert that has a discussion about Red Rose US denying it's heritage. Oh yeah, and a real sharp picture of a fella and his tea card stuff. This is where it all happens people...



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