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Nabisco's Masks of the World

Nabisco's Masks of the World Collector Cards

In the tea card collecting community in Canada and the US, this set of Nabisco cards never shows up mixed in with Red Rose tea cards. Why? because they are a lot bigger and would stand out like a sore thumb. They are an unusual and fun to collect set. The set was issued in Canada in 1966. The series is called Masks of the World. It offers crazy looking masks telling you where they come from and what they represent. This relatively hard-to-find set is represented by 20 cards issued in boxes of Shreddies. Each card features a mask from a different place, along with their meaning in both English and French. They have realisticly drawn color masks. The cards are unnumbered and have a place to punch a hole on the back top side. The hole appears on the upper right on the back and says "Punch Hole Here". It does not show on the face side. The assumption is that you string them together for easier review and to keep the cards together.

The cards were distributed one-in-a-box and the box offers a mask cutout that can be worn by the collector. The cutout was the same as one of the 20 masks. It would have been neat if all 20 (or at least several) of the masks were potentially offered on the box... but no, only the number 10, Demon of Stuttering Mask was offered.

I've never seen an album for the cards or a wall chart. There is nothing about either on the box or cards.

By the way, we again thank Terry Gomes for the list of cards and several card and box scans. It is very much appreciated!

The overall print runs were smaller, just because of the lower population in Canada. Because of this the majority of all Canadian non sports cards are harder to come by.

What do the cards look like?

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Front Side Back Side

Front Side

Back Side

Here is a card that represent the 20 card set. They are approximatly 4 1/64" x 5 63/64" per card. On the face side is a nice graphic depicting the mask in great detail and on the other side, a map detailing the country the mask comes from along with a description of what the mask represents. It is described in English and French.

Do you have a list of the different cards?

Sure, that can be done. Feel free to click the top and sort the list any way you want. If you see a link then there is a picture to view.

Masks of the World - Cards Issued

Card Number (Random) Card Description Location
1 Alpine Devil Mask   West Germany
2 Bateke Buffalo Mask   West Africa
3 Baule Buffalo Mask  West Africa
4 Bayaka Parley Mask   West Africa
5 Bobo Buffalo Mask   West Africa
6 Bolo-Man Mask   Japan
7 Crested Funeral Mask   New Ireland
8 Demon of Deafness Mask   Ceylon
9 Demon of Fever Mask   Ceylon
10 Demon of Stammering Mask   Ceylon
11 Eskimo Feast Mask  USA
12 Head of Ku Mask   Hawaii
13 Kachina Ogre Mask  ????
14 Kwakiutl Indian Mask   Western Canada
15 Makondi Female Mask   East Africa
16 Ngi Secret Society Mask   West Africa
17 Owl Mask   New Guinea
18 Seneca Indian Mask   Northeast United States
19 Tami Secret Society Mask   New Guinea
20 Wild Plum Harvest Mask   New Guinea

What else do we know about the series?

It's Canadian, it's Nabisco, it's 20 cards... What we haven't seen is an album or a wall chart. But we have been lucky to see an original box or two. Here is a box from back in the day. Who knew they would survive all these years later. Not me! But I sure am glad they do still exist.

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box front box back

Box Front

Box Back

Here is a box, front and back views. You can see on the back that you can cut out the Demon of Stuttering Mask, tie a string around it and wear your own Mask of the World. Way Cool!

Boy with a Triangle Hat

Boy With a Triangle Hat

Has anyone else noticed that the little boy with the triangle hat is becoming a theme across several of the series?

I bet there are some nice magazine ads about the cards. If you ever run across an ad showing the Masks series, please let me know and we'll put the ad up on this page.

This is a great little set to collect. It is challenging enough to get the 20 cards. Empty boxes are crazy expensive. I would be happy with a complete set. You can keep the box ;-).

Last modified: June 6, 2021

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