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NWF Collecting Crossover

NWF Crossover, What's That?

Hmmm, what is a crossover? Well, in this case it can be defined as Red Rose card collectors that want to collect objects that are strictly NWF but that are strongly reminiscent of Red Rose. What's that? Well, there is a lot of crossover or similarity between what Red Rose published and what NWF offered. Of course that's not a shock. We know why because we read up about it on other pages on this site.

NWF Stamps

Starting in 1938 and going for many years, upwards of 40 to 60 images were produced for the annual stamp issue at NWF. There were also seasonal issues as well, generating more art. It was not many years before there was quite a library of pictures. Some tea card folks collect NWF stamps and make it a point to try and collect the matching stamps to the tea cards. Some folks collect individual stamps (cinderellas) while others collect the whole groups attached together by year. The only issue that collecting by sheets (years) imposes is that a single year could have several different series represented on it. Red Rose did their Songbirds of North America in 1959. Looking at our image you can see a cinderella Western Bluebird stamp from the 1949 NWF Conservation Stamp sheet next to a number eleven in the 1959 Red Rose Series 1 Songbirds of North America set with the same Western Bluebird name.

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Compare a stamp to a tea card
NWF Stamp Vs. Series 1 Tea Card

If we explore the question about copyright dates, oddly enough, we see the same tea card number 11 listed from before under FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) pages as an example with an issue of a series one 1959 card but with a copyright of 1949. This matches the date of the NWF stamp printing and copyright. This tells us that it was probably commissioned in 1949 by NWF for NWF and for a fact that it was not commissoned for Red Rose in 1959.

Going back to the 1949 NWF stamps, looking at the whole sheet you see dinos (no this mammoth was not in Red Rose dinos), butterflies, several types of birds, animals, and flowers. That's pretty much all of the series from Red Rose up to series 9.

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1949 NWF Stamps
Click the Header to See the Whole Sheet

NWF Wall Charts

You've seen my Red Rose section on Wall Charts, right? Well NWF was pleased with what it saw with the Red Rose wall charts. So pleased it did an almost identical copy of the Red Rose ones, or at least the first four. The only differences were the bi-lingual vs. English only and the fact that there is no mention of Red Rose (of course) while they mentioned NWF and Ranger Rick, the NWF mascott.

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Wallchart Compare
Red Rose Wall Chart Vs. NWF Wall Chart

They made some charts after that but the charts were significantly different from Red Rose. Looking at the image, you can see the Red Rose wall chart on the left and the NWF wall chart on the right. Sorry the quality is not better but you can just about see these differences.

The comparison table below looks at the differences between the two Birds of North America charts. Refer to the image.

Red Rose Wall Chart vs. NWF Wall Chart
The Differences

  Location On The Chart Red Rose Wall Chart NWF Wall Chart
    Chart Title Two Line Bi-Lingual Title Single Line English Title
    Each Individual Card Two Column Description (Bi-Lingual) Single Column Description (English)
    Lower Left Block Red Rose talks about the cards in English NWF's Mission
    Lower Right Block Red Rose talks about the cards in French NWF's Mission Statement and Ranger Rick's Message
    Lower Center Block Red Rose talks about the mission statement in both languages Blank for NWF

Depending on the particular series, the different section contents could move around to different spots on the charts. But the overall layout for a particular series subject was the same for Red Rose and NWF, at least for the early ones.

What about a listing of the different wall charts we know about in both Red Rose and issued by NWF. Sure, we can do that, and highlight some similarities and some differences. You won't get this kinda stuff anywhere else, you know!

Red Rose and NWF Wall Charts

  RR Srs # Red Rose Series Name # of Cards on RR Chart # of Cards on NWF Chart NWF Chart # NWF Copyright Notes
1   Songbirds of North America 48 48 No. 25001  1967  RR - No Graphics 
NWF - No Graphics 
2   Animals of North America 48 48 No. 25###  1967  RR - No Graphics 
NWF - No Graphics 
3   Wild Flowers of North America 48 48 No. 25010  1967  RR - No Graphics 
NWF - No Graphics 
4   Birds of North America 48 48 No. 25029  1967  RR - Seperate English & French versions. 6 Graphic Images
NWF - 6 Graphic Images 
11   Trees of North America 18 48 No. 25056  1970  RR - Album and 1 Graphic Image
NWF - 4 Graphic Images 
14   Exploring the Ocean 20 48 No. 25163  1972  RR - Album and 3 images
NWF - 4 Graphic Images 

These are only the charts that have matching NWF counterparts.

NWF Trading Cards

You've been told that NWF did a copycat of several of the Red Rose tea card sets. Right! They did! Three sets worth. Except they are called trading cards, not tea cards. But you knew that. Since they are songbirds, animals and wild flowers, what a perfect group of sets to promote the NWF. Check out some of the Animal cards. On the front they are identical to Red Rose but the back is all NWF. The cards have a waxy protective feel to them and they are more hefty than Red Rose. The NWF cards are a much better caliber than Red Rose. Even the numbers on the cards match. How cool is that?

NWF Trading Cards
NWF Trading Cards

NWF Trading Card Albums

If NWF has trade cards then it makes sense that they have albums to put them in. But they are not quite like Red Rose's albums. Since NWF has released stamp albums every year since the late 30's, is it any surprise that the trade card albums look like stamp albums? Here are the three colorful album covers. All three albums are pretty hard to come by. It's a real treat when you can pick one up.

NWF Card Albums
NWF Trading Card Albums

NWF Puzzles

If you like jigsaws, then the NWF has a puzzle for you. We know why because we read up about it on other pages on this site. They have done birds, wild flowers and animals. Many of the puzzles use the same artwork found on the tea cards. Some are by the same artist but not chosen for Red Rose so they have a similar appearance.

NWF Puzzle
NWF Puzzle

NWF Flash Card Games

Three sets of card games exist. Songbirds, Animals and Wild Flowers. Each set has 48 cards plus 2 jokers. There is a fourth set with puppies but it's not in the same vein. In the picture to the right we see a couple of wildflower cards, both of the ones shown are also represented in the tea cards. The next card (E1) is one that supports the game. The last thing is the box that the game comes in.

NWF Card Games
NWF Wildflower Flash Card Game

1964 NWF Pamphlet

We could keep going all day with all the different things NWF offers. How about we just break out the pamphlet sometimes found in the stamps that shows us what they had back in 1964? Notice the many possibilities of Wildlife Stationary; Writing Tablets; Trading Cards; Trading Albums. Don't you wish you could get a set of trading cards and album for fifty cents each?

Pamphlet 1 of 4
1964 Pamphlet - 1 of 4

Here is the next section of the pamphlet. You could get binders for your NWF magazines; NWF Sponsor's Certificate; different mixes of stamps from '54 to '64; as well as Albums and Binders.

Pamphlet 2 of 4
1964 Pamphlet - 2 of 4

Here is the third section of the pamphlet. Here is some fun stuff. You could get the four Flash Card Game sets; Wildlife Concentration (with fish); Ranger Rick Growth Chart; Wildlife Old Maid; Adventures of Rick Raccoon book and record album; Animal Babies book; Wildlife Lotto Game; Songbird Dominoes; Bird and Animal Jigsaw Puzzles (4); Ranger Rick's Forest Fire Game; Ranger Rick and the Great Forest Fire Book; Peterson's Wildlife In Color book; Mallard JigSaw Puzzle. I have lots of this stuff in my personal collection.

Pamphlet 3 of 4
1964 Pamphlet - 3 of 4

Here is the last section of the pamphlet. We have Absorbant Coasters for drippy cups; Books on Animals (I have the Animal Babies Book); Bird Songs record; Trip-It Bird Feeder; Audubon Bird Call; Wildlife Savers (bird feeders); Peterson's Field Guides (books); Game Bird Postcards; Wildlife Postcards (2 kinds of bird, Wildflowers and Mammals [Animals]); Prize Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle; Peterson's Field Guide to Bird Songs Records and Index; Songbirds of America record and pictures; Bird Songs in Your Garden record and pictures.

Pamphlet 4 of 4
1964 Pamphlet - 4 of 4

These are not the only things to cross collect from NWF and only some of the stuff in the pamphlet is worthy (in my opinion) but this does well to represent. My rough list would be:

    NWF Crossover Collectables

  • The Years and Years of Annual NWF Stamps Annual NWF Stamps in sets or Cinderellas
  • Three Series of Trade Card Sets
  • Three Albums for the Trade Cards
  • Six Wall Charts (Posters) for the Trading Cards
  • Three Flash Card Sets
  • Animal Babies Book
  • Wildlife Lotto Game
  • Songbird Dominoes
  • Bird and Animal Jigsaw Puzzles (4)
  • Mallard JigSaw Puzzle
  • Game Bird Postcards
  • Wildlife Postcards (2 kinds of bird, Wildflowers and Mammals)
  • Marble Paperweight
What do you have that's NWF and clearly represents Red Rose as well?

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