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Stamp Subject Matter

What was the message and story the NWF wanted to tell through the stamps?

We've already talked about stamps and that the overall mission is about conserving wildlife. Also that just two years after starting they came up with an annual campaign with stamp albums and stamps through the mail. It's pretty obvious that it would be about wildlife. Not jet planes or race cars or swimming pools. Conservation is best promoted in these beautiful portraits of wildlife. Since the focus is wildlife, of course the artists painted really awesome realistic artwork, not comic-like. Every year they cranked out trees, fish, birds, flowers and animals. Here are some from different years. Just click the stamp you like for a closer look.

1947 Animal     1947 Bird     1960 Animal     1960 Animal     1960 Bird     1961 Bird     NWF 1961 Mink    
1947 Animal Stamp     1947 Bird Stamp     1960 Fish Stamp     1960 Animal Stamp     1960 Bird Stamp     1961 Bird Stamp     1961 Animal Stamp    
NWF 1961 Painted Trillium     NWF 1961 Bluefin Tuna     NWF 1963 Wood Lily     NWF 1963 MuskOx     NWF 1964 Cock-Of-The-Rock     NWF 1964 Sea Otter     NWF 1964 Snowshoe Hare
1961 Flower Stamp     1961 Fish Stamp     1963 Flower Stamp     1963 Animal Stamp     1964 Bird Stamp     1964 Mammal Stamp     1964 Animal Stamp

Although new artwork was commissioned every year, they were not afraid to reuse old pictures and mix them in with the new stuff. It wasn't long before there was a huge collection of really fine wildlife art. This set of art has always been a pride point of the NWF and a way to show the world that conservation is a way of life.

Everyone knows that NWF has a mission and that mission is about saving the plants and tree and critters of the earth and a big way they represent that mission is thru the art.

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