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Red Rose Album Inserts

What's an album insert? Well, it's an extra page or two that can be removed and will not effect the looks of the album. With Red Rose, the early series had inserts. They were found in one of two positions:
  • The page after the front cover and the page before the back cover 
  • The two pages in the middle (showing the clenched staples)

With the last series, Red Rose chose to put a new kind of insert into the album. It was additional information on Indians. Thanks to Terry Gomes for letting us know about it.

What's the breakdown? OK, time for another chart.

Red Rose Album Inserts

Series Series Name Insert Status
1 Songbirds of North America

No Insert!

2 Animals of North America Order Form first inside page / Certificate last inside page
3 Wild Flowers of North America Order Form first inside page / Certificate last inside page
4 Birds of North America Order Form  / Certificate in center
5 Dinosaurs Order Form first inside page / Certificate last inside page
6 Tropical Birds Order Form first inside page / Certificate last inside page
7 African Animals Order Form first inside page / Advertisement for Products last inside page
8 Butterflies of North America No Insert!
9 Canadian / American Songbirds
10 Transportation Through the Ages
11 Trees of North America
12 The Space Age
13 North American Wildlife In Danger
14 Exploring the Oceans
15 Animals and Their Young
16 The Arctic
17 Indians of Canada Chart of Indian Tribe Locations

There are people that like to collect just the inserts... or at least collect them separate from the albums. Actually, they typically home in on the Order Forms. That's a whole different thing. Armed with this new knowledge, it's probably a good idea to find out whether or not you are getting an insert (or just part of one) when you buy an album in the range of series 2 to 7.

So what does one look like? Let's choose Animals of North America and see what that is. There are two pages with 2 sides. The front side is English and the back is French.

Series 2 Animals of North America...

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English Order Form

02Inserta.jpg (263837 bytes)

02Insertb.jpg (253962 bytes) French Order Form

English Certificate Form

02Insertc.jpg (291527 bytes)

02Insertd.jpg (292703 bytes) French Certificate Form

Not only are the Order Forms collectable, I also collect the Certificates. You can check out each by clicking on the hyperlinks. I have series 2 through 6 and I am guessing that is all they made. Have you any others?


Last modified: April 2, 2020


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