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Chomped Cards


Chomped Cards

What's a Chomped card?

Buncha Chomped Cards
Here are some Chomped Up cards. Who let the mice out?
It's a term I came up with. It means a card that looks like someone took a chomp (bite) out of it. What's the root cause? Well, we can only guess and each card has it's own and unique fate. Over the years, I have bought many collections from people. This type of damage is rather a common occurance, even if we don't exactly know what happened. I have always wondered if the many causes were from being stored away where mice could have their way with them or that they were played with by little children who treated them roughly. There are lots of other possibilities for this mayhem too. Since they don't talk, we can only guess. Let's look at the picture and see some of these examples. The Wildlife In Danger Croc has some sloppy damage in the lower right corner. The damage is jagged but fuzzy. The Indians card's upper left damage looks like a rip. It's well defined. The next two cards look like twins and have upper right damage. The damage looks almost worn down. Maybe a mouse nibble? The last card has a sloppy tear on the upper left. Like the other damaged cards, these have no value and should be thrown out. They are no good as loose cards and would kinda ruin a nice album if you pasted them in. Why? Because they look bad front and back, won't look good in an album and as stated before, there are plenty of cards in existence that do not have creases.

Last modified: July 12, 2020


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