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Creased Cards


Creases in the Cards

The cards with creases are our first look at the damaged goods in our tea card collecting efforts. These cards are not good... so they must be bad...

With creases
Buncha Creased Cards
This is a close up of some badly creased cards. Not a keeper in the bunch!
in cards, the damage is irreversible. You can't undo a crease. We can see that the damage shows on the front side and on the back, at least the deep creases do. Most of this kind of damage goes through and through. There is nothing good about a creased card. The only exception might be when you are desperate for a placeholder and you have nothing better. Long term, you will reach out and buy a nice card to replace this bugger. The replacement can be used in a loose set or to paste in an album, but not the creased card. Some collectors will argue that the creased card still shows the picture, even if it is just a bit of a distraction with those lines running through it. No, no, no! That's a big distraction that the average collector will not accept. Maybe you have a hard time finding good cards... but they are out there and can be purchased. That means you creased cards lose! You are outta here! Looking at the picture, there are several bends in the Wildflowers card. One dino card has several creases while the other has just one nasty one. The Cock Of The Rock bird card has creases running in both directions. That thing was abused! The Oceans diver has one deep one. It doesn't matter how many or how deep or what direction... if you have creases, you have a bad card. All of these cards are for the dust bin.

I have a trick to find a special kind of crease. Occasionally you run across a card with a really lite crease. It may only represent as a bend, but it's a permanent thing. What I do to detect it is to rub my thumb across the card. No bend can hide from you.

Why throw these beauties away?
Because they look bad front and back, won't look good loose or in an album and as stated before, there are plenty of cards in existence that do not have creases and can be used to replace the bad cards.

Last modified: July 12, 2020


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