Dinosaur Series 5 card - Backside view

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Scuffed Cards

Scuffed Cards

Scuffed cards have had a hard life.

Scuffed cards
The finish has been scuffed off,

Something traumatic happened to rub or rip off the top layer of the card on one side or maybe both sides. With the finish gone on the front, the picture is damaged. Damaged finish on the back means the text is not complete. In the picture, it does not clearly show where the finish has been removed so I altered it to make the bad spots show up better. Kinda neat, huh? If you can tell what series the card is from, the first bit of damage is found on a Wildflowers card. With so much back side gone, it's almost impossible to tell that it is a wildflowers card except for the talk about blooming... ;-). The next patient is an Animals of North America card. It looks like a young one decided to dig the eyes out of our poor seal friend. The card is no good now. The next one has a big buck with part of the scenery gone. Yet another throw away. In the picture of the drilling rig, a part of the water has suffered. Again it sounds like we are going to dump this card and find one in better shape. They are not terribly expensive. Let's make a nice set!

Sometimes a card has multiple problems. Out of our four cards pictured here, three have other problems that we can see. What are the other issues? There are creases on all three. Have you noticed that cards with large amounts of finish loss makes the cards flimsy because there just isn't as much "meat" in the card as before?


Last modified: July 12, 2020


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