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Stained Cards

Stained Cards

Stained cards come in different configurations.

Sometimes there is just a tiny stain. Sometimes its heavy damage on just the front or just the back and sometimes on both sides. Damage to both sides or just the front is the same as a crease. The cards are just junk. Sometimes you wonder what caused the mess on these less than perfect pieces of stock... but you might be better off not knowing. Let's get to the picture. Looking at this first group of stains, we see that the Exploring The Oceans card has a brown stain in the lower left corner. It's not terrible, but there is no mistaking the damage. If the front is OK, maybe this could be kept as an album only card. The Space Age card is next with a huge dark stain and a smaller one. I hope the front looks better. Even the dinosaur card has a nasty stain almost dead center. It will not become a part of someone's loose card set. By the way, did you notice the crease on the dino card? Two reasons why this card is no good... since the crease is on the front too, this card has no use but to hit the dust bin. And finally, most of the back of the Tropical Bird card is stained. Yuuk!
The 1st group of Stained cards
Here are some Stained cards. Messy!
Now let's look at the second set of stained cards. The Oceans card has a long skinny stain running down the front of the card. That's no good for anyone. The Indians card has big chucks of something brown stuck on the right side of it. It's a thick build up. I don't want to know what it is. I want to throw it away. The Woodpecker has a less obvious stain. Once you notice it, you can't help but notice it stands out quite a bit. On the left near the top going down to the middle on the edge you can see the stain. Yikes!

Another stain not shown here is actually pretty common. Have you ever seen a rubber band desintegrate onto a card? It leaves a trail of rubber across the card where the rubber band fused to the card. I have never been able to get those rotten rubber stains off a card. Not without taking the finish with it.
The 2nd group of Stained cards
More Stained cards. No better.

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