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Cards that are Written On

What! You have cards that someone WROTE ON! Sorry to yell, but come on! The minute you write on a card it becomes undesirable. The worst offense is to write on the picture side. If you write litely on the text side it could be used in an album but just don't write on it at all. Oh yeah, sometimes the writing is in pencil, sometimes crayon and also in pen. Sometimes pencil can be erased but only if it is written lightly and the erasing does not take the writing or picture color with it.
Looking at these sorry cards in the first picture we see that the Arctic card was proudly owned by Mary. She was so proud that she had to writw her name on it. The next two cards appear to have been owned by the same person. "G M" must have liked these two Transport cards... he or she branded them. The next one is a Space Age card with blue crayon accents. The final card is from Nabisco. Not all collectable card cards are Red Rose. In any event, it almost looks like the writer was practicing their signature...
The 1st group of Written On cards
Here are some cards with writing all over them. Put the Pen or crayon DOWN!
This second set of "inked" cards is mostly marked on the picture side. Bad can happen to either side. The Butterfly starts us off with a check mark in the margin. Huh? What are you checking off? That you have the card? That's too obvious. That you plan to put it in an album? Then your album is full of checked cards. What does ticking the cards accomplish? I don't know but I know the card is not a collection keeper. Oh man, the Transportation sub is checked as well. So is the Oceans card... really? Back to the Space Age card in the lower left corner. It's written on the text side with blue crayon again. The crayon rules and the card loses. That leads to the final Space Age card. It's got a satellite in space and some writing in the margin. What's so important to say? "Flip this over" with an arrow indicating you should read the back.... The other side says "You are a space cadet!" Hmmm, space humor...

Who knew you could trade insults with tea cards? Pretty funny.
The 2nd group of Written On cards
The Flip Side of some Written On cards.

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