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What's a Completion card?

Completion Card Some people are not satisfied to just collect the cards and albums. Some people just have to have more. What else is there to collect? Paid Album Coupons (like their free cousins),  Free Album Coupons, and Order Forms as well as Completion cards to boot. They were issued at the end of a run offering you a chance to complete the set at a penny a card. WOW! You just check off the cards you want, mail in the appropriate pennies and Red Rose would mail you the cards you needed to complete that series. Man, I would buy a few sets of dinosaurs at .48 a set!

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Did you ever think that these cards could be sent to you for free? Not that a penny each is too much, but free is even sweeter. Yup, it did happen at the end of the Lipton re-issue. Check out the bottom of the form. You get up to five cards for free! Thanks for showing us that Dave Huebert. Pretty cool!  

I thought these used to be called "Check Lists"...

Yes, I used to call the completion card a check list but I got some gentle ribbing from friends in England and Ireland. It seems that everyone knows that these things are called completion cards. Well, at least I do now.  If you see "check list" somewhere else the site, let me know and I'll change it.

Are there different kinds of Completion cards?

Yes, there are several different kinds of Completion cards. I'll gladly show you all the kinds I am aware of. I am listing every type that I am aware of that offers you a completion check list. The letter notation I use is of my own device. It is here just to make reference easier. My first list was done on Free Album Coupons and I only want to use a letter designation once so the letters may appear to skip around but they are all on the All Forms list. The types are:

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FAC Version 'C' FAC Version 'D' FAC Version 'E' FAC Version 'F'
Version "C"
Version "D" Version "E" Version "F" Version "J"

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Which series issues which cards? The answer is Completion Issues  

What are those little codes on the side of the completion cards? The answer is Completion Codes 

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