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Transportation - #19

Red Rose Series 10 - Transportation Through the Ages 

Error card # 19 (Red Top)


An avid collector, Marc Talbot, thought he had found a neat new error card. I posted it and for over a year, no one else could confirm another card like it existed. Without any confirmation, I was left to believe it was an anomaly, just a blob of paint on a single card. Ooops! Thanks to Dave Curtis, Marc's card can now be confirmed. I always looked for the variation in the black topped cards but, at least to date, the variation only appears in the red topped version. Again, thanks to Dave Curtis for pointing me in the right direction.  

So, grab your red topped #19 Transportation cards and see how many you have with the sun and how many without. My initial numbers are 2 sun and 2 without.  

Which is the "error" card? If compared to the black tops, it would be the one with the sun, but for now there is no way to prove it either way. Was it too busy and they took the sun out? Then the sunny card is the error. Did they add the sun later? If so, the sunless is the error.

One thing is for sure, there are two separate printings of the red tops. Is anyone else going exploring through their red tops?

Update! Terry Gomes has seen a black topped Sun. It's a bit beat up but he owns it. Hang on tight Terry. Now it appears there are 4 versions of card 19. 

To line it up, the common #19 cards are the sunless Red and Black Tops and the harder to find are the scenes with a sun in either Red or Black Top.


Series 10         Card 19         Error

10-19err.jpg (622582 bytes)

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Congrats to Marc for hanging in there and thanks to Dave for confirming it! Also a shout out to Terry for finding that the sun does rise on the black tops.

  Last modified: September 21, 2013  


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