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9, 10 & 29 Confusion

Red Rose Series 10 - Transportation Through the Ages 

Confusion with Error cards # 9, 10 and 29


An avid collector and good friend recently confided that he was always having trouble remembering which view of the bus is rare and is it 9 - Kayak, 10- Galley or 9 - Galley, 10 - Kayak that is rare... 

Ah, a question I can actually answer! How sweet is that. My best advice is to print out my special printer friendly version of this page and carry it with you so you know the straight story on the Galley, Kayak and London Bus.

Let's break it down into three groups, Common; Hard-To-Find; and Rare.


Common Cards

#9 Galley - Black Top

#10 Kayak - Black Top
#29 London Bus - Black Top

Hard-To-Find Cards

#9 Kayak - Red Top

#10 Galley - Red Top
#29 London Bus - Red Top

Rare Cards

#9 Kayak - Black Top

#10 Galley - Black Top
#29 London Bus - Black Top

So with the Kayak and Galley, all you need to do is look at the number, number color and name, all found on the back top of the card. With the London bus, you need to look at the picture on the front and the number color (red top or black top) on the back.

Hopefully this will clear out all the confusion on what's hard to get and what is not. Now go find the good stuff!

 Last modified: April 22, 2019


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