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The Arctic - Card # 18

Red Rose Series 16 - The Arctic 

Error card # 18


Card number 18, "The Manhattan Voyage" has two variations. To my knowledge, this error was first discovered by Debbie Carriere.
As underlined in the picture below, the variation is in the original text, "Sir John A. MacDonald" and the corrected text, "John A Macdonald". 


Series 16          Card 18         Error...

What's up with the change? Well, the card was attempting to describe the name of the supertanker. The gentleman is a "Sir", but the ship does not bear his title. In addition, The "D" in Macdonald is not capitalized. 

Once this was pointed out, it is assumed they changed the text at the next chance they could.

Which is harder to come by? Both appear relatively common. In my loose cards I did a quick count and came out with 6 "Sir John A. MacDonald"s and 10 "John A Macdonald"s. In my small sampling, that's a little over a third for the old way... 

Others have told me that in their area, the count swings the other way. Overall I have found so far that it is about equal....

OK, OK, we'll keep score...... 

   Sir John - 15

Just Plain John - 17          

Last modified: February 18, 2019



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