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The Arctic - Card # 9

Red Rose Series 16 - The Arctic 

Error card # 9


Card number 9, "Hudson's Bay Post" has two variations. To my knowledge, this error was first discovered by Don Scanlan of Barrie Ontario. The variation has to do with the sign. In most it is white lettered. In a few it is blue lettered (and quite a bit harder to read). Perhaps it started out blue and hard to read and the printer decided to lighten things up. What do you think? 


Series 16         Card 9         Error...

What's up with that? Well, some might say it is, as Don did, "the smallest variation to date", but once pointed out, it is quite noticeable. 

Which is harder to come by? I'm guessing the blue one. Which came first? Who knows. Let me know what you have for white and blue writing. We'll keep score. 

   White Writing - 29

Blue Writing - 8          

Last modified: May 11, 2019


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