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Series 15 Brooke Bond to Lipton Comparison

We all know that Brooke Bond, parent company of Red Rose in the 60's and 70's, issued 17 different series of cards to collect, right? If not, click here for your history update. Of course we also know that in 1985, the Lipton company bought Red Rose of Canada and five years later they decided to resurrect the tea cards. Because of that, the Animals & Their Young series was was re-issued in 1990. It was pretty neat to see the cards and album again after all those years. Of course, everything was the same but everything was different.

What was different?

  • The Cards were quite different. Oh yes, they looked the same on the front but on back there were more than a few changes of note.  

  • The Albums had noticeable differences as well. A quick glance may have you thinking they are twins but closer examination will show you differently,  

  • Other Stuff like advertising was hyped a bit more for 1990 as it was the first year for picture cards in many many years. A few things we always used to look for were missing too. So what was new and what was missing? 

Last modified: April 1, 2019

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