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Canadian Series 6



Variations in Canadian Tropical Birds Series

There are three different variations or subsets in the Canadian series number 6, Tropical Birds. Two have existed for quite a while but just recently (2008) a new third variation has been discovered. My good friend Terry Calleyne was the first to let me know of their existence. Unless I hear different I believe he is to be credited with the find.  

So we have:

  • Red Topline
  • Black Topline - Standard Thickness and Firmness
  • Black Topline - Thicker and Firmer 

Lets look at the common stuff first. We need to talk about red toplines vs. the black toplines.  

The top back of a series 6 card...

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The only difference between the left and right cards in this image is that the topline of the left one is in red ink whilst the topline of the right card is black ink. That is the variation in a nutshell. 

The red topline cards are a single variation in the standard .29mm thickness. The black topline cards come in black with a standard .29mm thickness and black with a thicker and firmer thickness of about .38mm on average. That is about three thick cards to four thin ones!

A complete set of forty-eight regular cards would be the same height as thirty-seven thick cards!

Terry's research with a fair amount of cards indicates that about 1 in 12 is a thick card. It sounds like a good variation to collect.

Last modified: May 11, 2019


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