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Finding No 3

Les' Way Back Machine

Thanks goes out to Les Batten for sticking with the search for Number 3. He really used his "Way Back" machine. What? You don't remember Sherman and Mr. Peabody? Mr. Peabody was the dog... but I digress.

The number 3 card in the Salada series looks like this.

What catches your eye are the 5 pinkish buildings and the array docks and piers.

Les tells me:

I stopped looking for the remaining two cards a long time ago because, frankly, it made my head hurt. I spent some time trying to identify a common thread that might link all the photos but found nothing that seemed to apply to all of them. Then, just recently, it occurred to me that one identified card (Cabot Tower, St John's) is located at the eastern end of the Trans-Canada Highway. Perhaps the western end of the highway, in British Columbia, was the location of card #3. I started looking in the city where the highway ends (Victoria, BC) but found that virtually all facets of the waterfront have changed significantly since 1960. And then I came across an aerial photo from 1966 and found what I was looking for, card #3!

What does the 1966 aerial photo look like?

My nifty little hand is pointing at the 5 buildings that look suspiciously familiar. The rest of the stuff seems to line too.

OK, so how hard would it be today? Well I googled it and check out the Esquimalt Base today.

You can find the two buildings I point out in the googled photo on the 1966 one but you can see where the 5 pinkish buildings are gone as well as a big change in the docks.

Good job Les! That's what I call research!


Last modified: October 19, 2017

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