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I had a big buyout of my Empty albums. I only have a handful left and every one comes with the original mailer. They are Unused and in Excellent Shape. OK, I do have a few without mailers but they all have creases or some other damage. Ask if you are interested in either. The Full Albums have been pasted by avid fans and most are close to straight and true but are not 100% perfect. They are, however, great examples of these albums with cards pasted in. Prices are in US Dollars.

The early albums (1 thru 7) may or may not have album inserts. You can ask but it is not guarenteed. There are lots of new adds to this page and some dramatic price drops. I think you will be happy with the bargains you find.

Bill's Red Rose Albums for Sale

Albums Issued by Red Rose (I am not aware of a way to determine country)


Empty Album

Full Album

 Series 1 "Songbirds of North America" Album (Red Rose Only)        $40.00
 Series 1 "Songbirds of North America" Album (Red Rose & Blue Ribbon)     $25.00
 Series 2 "Animals of North America" Album       $28.00
 Series 3 "Wildflowers of North America" Album       $11.00
 Series 4 "Birds of North America" Album    $22.00
 Series 5 "Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals" Album       $70.00
 Series 6 "Tropical Birds" Album        $22.00
 Series 7 "African Animals" Album        $10.00
 Series 8 "Butterflies of NA" Album       $17.00
 Series 9 "Canadian American Songbirds" Album     $13.00
 Series 10 "Transportation Through the Ages" Album    $11.00
 Series 11 "Trees of NA" Album (Pages 3,8,9 Green)       $23.00
 Series 11 "Trees of NA" Album (Pages 3,6,7 Green)       $20.00
 Series 12 "The Space Age" Album     $8.00
 Series 13 "North American Wildlife in Danger" Album        $8.00
 Series 14 "Exploring the Ocean" Album        $7.00
 Series 15 "Animals & Their Young" Album    $9.00
 Lipton Re-issue of Series 15 "Animals & Their Young" Album - $1 original cost       $12.00
 Series 16 "The Arctic" Album     $7.00
 Series 17 "Indians of Canada" Album     $10.00


Last modified: October 21, 2021

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