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Chuck Ripper

Outstanding Wildlife Illustrator

Charles Lewis "Chuck" Ripper  has been interested in art and nature all of his life. He has gained a reputation for outstanding wildlife illustrations. His works have appeared in numerous magazines, catalogues, books, and on stationery products but it is his illustrations done for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Red Rose Tea that endear him to tea drinkers. Ripper has been published on the cover of the L.L. Bean catalogue on seven different occasions. The NWF awarded Ripper the coveted Peregrine Award in 1989 for 30 years of dedicated service and for providing NWF with over 575 stamp paintings. The U.S. Postal Service commissioned him to create several stamp issues as well. The latter comprised a sheet of 50 stamps that was voted the most popular issue of 1987. Ripper's passion for detail and accuracy have made him a sought after commercial artist. He is known for his love of the subject matter and he does painstaking research for his paintings. Interestingly, Ripper said the following, about keeping track of the artwork he has painted, “Sometimes these things just disappear into a closet or a yard sale and you never know where they go.” Ripper’s paintings have been used on more than 100 magazine covers including L.L. Bean, Fur-Fish-Game, Virginia Wildlife, Southern Outdoors, North Carolina Wildlife, Pennsylvania Game News and Oklahoma Outdoors. His paintings have been shown in 15 museums and galleries. Ripper illustrated 25 books for publishers including the National Audubon Society, National Geographic Society, Readers Digest Books, Houghton Mifflin, Alfred Knopf, Museum of Natural History (Denver) and William Morrow.

Stats: Born in Pittsburg Pennsylvania in 1929, the day before the stock market crashed. Currently retired but still painting.  Medium: Opaque watercolors while occasionally using acrylics.

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