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Bill's Personal Wants


Yes, I buy anything to do with Red Rose Tea Cards. I am interested in:

  • All Cards 
    • US
    • Canadian
  • Albums
    • Mint Empty Albums
    • Partially full or full Albums (unfortunately, these are not worth much - shipping eats up the value)
  • Cello Wrapped Cards
  • Printer's Proof Cards
  • Uncut Sheets
  • Checklist Cards
  • Free Album Coupons
  • Wall Charts
  • Grocery Store Posters

I have a personal page, the few things I need to round out my own collection. Check it out on Bill's Personal Wants page.

I also buy other types of tea and tobacco cards. My interest here is a little more focused:

  • All Cards 
  • Albums
    • Mint Empty Albums
    • Partially full or full Albums (these are not worth as much)

Besides Red Rose, what is my hot-and-heavy collectable now?

  • Canadian Nabisco cards
  • Tuckfield Birds cards and albums
  • Krun-chee/Schuler Plastic Space Magic Coins
  • Royal Plastic Fish Coins

E-mail me and we can talk. I am happy with a trade as well.


Last modified: July 16, 2021


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