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Bill's Personal Wants


As you saw on the page before this, I am looking for all kinds of Red Rose items. There are a few things though, that I am willing to pay a premium for. These are items that will fill in certain holes in my own personal collection. None of them are common! "What might they be?", you ask.  I am interested in:

Items needed to Complete My Personal Collection

Condition needs to be Excellent



Item Description

Value to Me*

Brooke Bond/Red Rose - US 3 - Wild Flowers Turquoise or Teal Card (any number) $25.00 per card
Lipton/Red Rose - Canada No Number - Animals and Their Young SQUARE Cornered cards (any number) $2.00 per card
Lipton/Red Rose - Canada No Number - Dinosaurs Dinosaur Card (any number)

Says "...and other fossils" in the title bar

$12.00 per card
Brooke Bond/Red Rose Any School Posters $25.00 per poster
Brooke Bond/Red Rose Any Store Posters $10.00 per poster

So come on, dig in the attic and the basement and rummage through those shoe boxes, maybe you'll find something you can sell to Bill.

* - I cannot guarantee that I will buy your item at that price. Once I have filled my collection, I am less anxious to pay a premium. Additionally, condition has a huge effect on value.

E-mail me and we can talk. I am happy with a trade as well.

Last modified: July 16, 2021


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