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   Downloads for you!

This page offers free checklists for you hardcore collectors. You need Microsoft Excel (or Open Office) and you can either OPEN a file in your browser or you can SAVE it directly to your computer.

This is a new thing for me. If you like it, I can expand it to other sets and series. If you think the files themselves might be better with something else in them, let me know. Basically, if you like them, let me know... if you don't like them, tell me why.

Red Rose Tea Card Downloads

Series Series Name Number Downloaded Link to Download
1 Songbirds of North America 3728 Click for 1st Series download
2 Animals of North America 2817 Click for 2nd Series download
3 Wildflowers of North America 2857 Click for 3rd Series download
4 Birds of North America 2850 Click for 4th Series download
5 Dinosaurs 3300 Click for 5th Series download
6 Tropical Birds 3119 Click for 6th Series download
7 African Animals 2740 Click for 7th Series download
8 Butterflies of North America 9016 Click for 8th Series download
9 Canadian / American Songbirds 3023 Click for 9th Series download
10 Transportation Through the Ages 3025 Click for 10th Series download
11 Trees of North America 3131 Click for 11th Series download
12 The Space Age 2748 Click for 12th Series download
13 North American Wildlife In Danger 2917 Click for 13th Series download
14 Exploring the Oceans 2730 Click for 14th Series download
15 Animals and Their Young 6823 Click for 15th Series download
16 The Arctic 2881 Click for 16th Series download
17 Indians of Canada 2800 Click for 17th Series download

Have fun with it! Make sure you let me know if you really like it... or really don't!


- Bill

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Last modified: July 04, 2006