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The Latest!

I've been busy lately on eBay. You can look at everything for sale or individually - 2 1990 10 set Sleeves or I have 2 2x Strips of J Lyons Canadian Centennial Cards or 3 Rare Red Lettered J Lyons Canadian Centennial Cards or Rare Series 2 Advertising Matchbook or Complete Set of Series 2 Animals - Rolland Variety or Two Teal Cards - Getting Down to the Last of Them or Two Cellos and a Couple of Forms or Three 1991 Dinos Check it out.

Jeanette Ens has shared several cool items that make up her collection. One of those things is a Series 16 two card cello. Another is a type of collectable error card. Click and see.

Well the story of Red Rose Tea Cards is expanding. What's up? I am talking to a former worker at the old Walker Press. They printed up all the tea cards and albums way back when. He has insight into how the cards got printed and processed for Red Rose. He has some cool stories shared in the new Bricks page. And we all be reading more about his additional thoughts soon. Can't wait!   :-)    For now, I have a few more comments from him under Walker Press.

Holy Moly! Just when you give up on finding a wall chart you haven't seen, Terry Gomes comes up with TWO for us to check out. He saw we had never gazed upon a Srs 13 or Srs 16 wall chart. He sure fixed that! Thanks Terry! Let's check out the Wall Charts page. It's worth the trip!.

Darlene and Shawn asked if their signs could get posted on this site. Sure, with some decent pics, it can happen. It actually did happen. Along with some more signs. We got signs! More Red Rose Signs. Lots of new signs.

After the card prices, what's next? How about the albums? All of the albums are offered now, empty and full! Some really nice price drops too! It's worth checking out! New Album Prices and Reductions. These are some good deals.

What is TeaCard.Com all about?

TeaCard.Com is here to be a source of information about tea cards in general and specifically to be a resource about Brooke Bond's Red Rose Tea Cards in the US and Canada. 

You can work your way through the site but if you came here to check out info on Red Rose Tea cards and want to get going, click the link. Maybe you need info on the different Red Rose Series that were issued, then click here. Otherwise, check out the navigation bars on your left and start exploring!

What is TeaCard.Com NOT about?

I'm afraid TeaCard.Com has nothing to do with the current Canadian Red Rose company. If you want to sign up for one of their promotions, I suggest you go to www.redrosetea.ca/ and check them out. 

Want to contact either Red Rose Canada or Red Rose US? Click here

Are you interested in Wades? This site has nothing to do with them but you can go to a links page I maintain about them by clicking here.  Wades  

Many the bloke has tried to contact Tuckfield Tea through me. I wish I had an inside, but I don't.  ;-)

Why Have a Web Site?

I really enjoy collecting Red Rose Tea Cards and learning all I can about what was offered around the cards. It's fun to swap stories and to be a resource when a question needs to be answered. 

I am always looking to buy cards and unusual items. I am usually willing to trade as well. Buying Red Rose Cards and more...

Is This a New Site?

No, I had a site up and running on America Online for a few years but moved it here when I decided I was having a lot of fun with people on-line. I have discontinued the old site but have brought the interesting content over.

Do Many People Visit Here?

Yes, quite a few. The old site had just shy of 6000 visitors. We started fresh again here back on 05/08/2000. Granted, anyone can make numbers on a counter, but just for fun, you are visitor number    Hit Counter    

Welcome to the web site. Take your shoes off..... Set a spell.

Did Anyone Else Help With This Site?

Yes, I owe an awful lot to two people. The first is my wife, thanks Tina, for all of the support you have given me with this hobby that I enjoy so much. Second, thanks to a great friend whom I only met after dealing with him for over seven years. Over those years we wrote and phoned and later emailed. I got to meet him at the Cartophilic Society card show in Stratford-on-Avon in 2002. He lives in South Ireland and his name is Terry Calleyne. What did he do for me? Well, he taught me everything I know about tea cards and will tell you right off that the Yank still has a long way to go! Thanks to both of you. 

There are many others to consider as to why this site has such great content. It's all of you that email me and tell me what is going on; what I can do better; and when I am just plain wrong. I know it doesn't sound possible but yes, I have been know to get it wrong once in a while. Anyway, thanks to all of you. It is a team effort.

Thanks for the graphics help on my site to Jim Giedris

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