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Nabisco's World Conquerors

Nabisco's World Conquerors Collector Cards

In the tea card collecting community in Canada and the US, this set of Nabisco cards almost never shows up, not even occasionally, mixed in with Red Rose tea cards. This is one hard to get set. It was issued in Canada in 1964 at the same time as Earth-Shaking Events. The set is called World Conquerors. This uncommon set with low issue is represented by 24 cards issued in boxes of Spoon Size Shredded Wheat. Each card features an artistically drawn color image of a person or group of people who challenged and conquored others. Nasty folks doing nasty things to other folks. Yikes! The bad-asses of the world.... The backs of the cards identify the perpetrators... err... conquerors on the front. Descriptions are written in both French and English.

I have not seen a box nor heard of how many came in each box. They were mentioned on the Earth-Shattering Events cards that came out at the same time. Maybe there was one-in-a-box or maybe more.

I've never seen an album for the cards or a wall chart nor as I said, not a box.

The overall print runs were smaller, just because of the lower population in Canada. But this is low even for Canadian standards. The majority of all Canadian non sports cards are harder to come by.

What do the cards look like?

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Picture Side

Text Side

Here is a card that represent the 24 card set. They are approximatly 1 7/16" x 2 3/4" per card. A nice graphic depicting someone conquering something or someone and on the other side, text describing the incredible event in both English and French. At the end there is a blurb telling you to collect even more cards. Other exciting cards free in Nabisco Shredded Wheat. Save and trade them! Yes, Nabisco, we'd like to collect them all!  ;-)

Do you have a list of the different cards?

Of course I do, that's why I made this page. Feel free to click the top and sort the list any way you want. If you see a link then there is a picture to view. OK, I told you they were hard to find.... at least I have one scan...

World Conquerors - Cards Issued

Card Number Card Description
1 Boadicea 
2 Hadrian 
3 Pompey the Great 
4 Mithradates VI 
5 Artaxerxes III 
6 Hannibal 
7 Dharma Asoka 
8 Alexander the Great 
9 Alaric I 
10 Gaiseric 
11 Attila  
12 Miltiades 
13 Bellasarius 
14 Charlemagne 
15 El Cid 
16 Saladin 
17 Jenghis Khan 
18 Kublai Khan 
19 Canute 
20 Robert the Bruce 
21 Ivan the Great 
22 Hernando Cortez 
23 Aurungzib 
24 Tamerlane 

What else do we know about the series?

It's Canadian, it's Nabisco, it's 24 cards, it's damn hard to collect... What we haven't seen is an album or a wall chart or a cereal box.

I known there is at least one sized box. And I bet there are some nice magazine ads about the cards. If you ever run across a box or an ad showing World Conquerors, please let me know and we'll put the pics up on this page.

This is a tough set to collect. You can get the 24 cards and call yourself extremely lucky.

Last modified: April 27, 2021

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