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I know that you know what a FAQ is. This is where I answer commonly asked questions for Non-Red Rose cards. Email me if you have a question. If I like it, your question may wind up on this page. 


Question: Robert Prosser asks "I have a few older cards from a set of 50 Royal Canadian Navy Ships from Morse's tea and Coffee Halifax. I don't know anything about them. What can you tell me?"

Answer: Well Robert, I used to think they issued two series, RCN Ships and RCN Aircraft. With just some of the cards in the series to go by, who could blame me. I did eventually pick up an album for the cards and it explained a lot. Of course you know that Morse's Tea and Coffee offers the series. The series is called "Royal Canadian Navy". The album says it was offered during the 50th anniversary of the RCN's existence. It began in 1910 so that makes the cards circa 1960. Every image on the cards comes from the Royal Canadian Navy itself. Of course, on the backs of the cards you can determine that there are  50 in the series and that Morse is out of Halifax, NS.

Here are an "Aircraft" and "Ships" card side by side.

morse.jpg (59573 bytes)

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Last modified: March 10, 2019

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