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Yes, they do exist, Tea Cards and others that were NOT issued by Red Rose! Let's talk about them here. I have started a list of other tea card issuers. I won't say it too loud but there are some other great cards out there besides Red Rose. Shhhhh! I don't know if I feel right saying that...

Please let me know what groups you would like to see here...


Tea cards, Cereal cards, Sweets cards and more

Brooke Bond was Red Rose's parent company back when the tea cards were issued. Brooke Bond sold tea and issued cards in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the US,  South Africa and Rhodesia. The only two Red Rose / Brooke Bond holdings were in Canada and the US. Other Brooke Bond companies are listed here as well as many other non Brooke Bond card issuers. Let's not forget the dairy issues, sweets, cereal and cigarette cards too. Meat? Yes, meat!


Other Tea Card and Promotional Issuers

Company Product Issue Dates Estimated Sets Issued 
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda See Church and Dwight
Brooke Bond - England Tea 1954 to 2000 - Stopped! Over 40 sets
Brooke Bond - Rhodesia Tea 1962 to 1965 6 sets
Brooke Bond - South Africa Tea 1965 to 1967 3 sets
Cadet Sweets Sweets 1953 to 1969 24 sets
Church and Dwight Baking Soda 1896 to 1975 24 sets
Clover Dairies Milk 1965 to 1973 8 sets
Cooper & Co. LTD  Tea 1955 to 1962 12 sets
Big "G" Cereals                (General Mills) Cereal Late 50's early 60's 2 sets
Horniman Tea 1910 to 1958 6 sets
Liebig (now Brooke Bond) Meat 1872 to 1974 close to 2000 sets
J. Lyons & Company Ltd. Tea 1926 to 1990 10 sets
Lyons Maid Ice Cream Ice Cream 1962 to 1984 32 sets
Morse's Tea and Coffee Tea & Coffee 1960 1 set - Royal Canadian Navy
Musgrave Bros. Ltd Tea 1960 to 1966 11 sets
Nabisco Confections 1950s, 1960's, 1970s 8+ sets
George Payne Tea 1912 to 1963 5 sets
Parkhurst Bubble Gum 1950's to present at least 4 non-sport sets
Preston Dairies Tea 1966 1 set
Priory Tea Co. Ltd. Tea 1956 to 1964 13 sets
Reddings Tea Co. Tea 1962 to 1970 6 sets
Salada Tea 1961 to 1963 2sets of cards and 3 series of coins
Shell Oil - England Oil 1930 to 1992 7 sets
Shell Oil - Australia Oil 1959 to 1965 9 sets
Shell Oil - New Zealand 


1970 to 1992 5 sets
Suffolk Maid - (Butterworth & Son) 04/18/2010 Tea - Food 1993 - Present 5 sets


1957 to 1964 9 sets
Tuckfields Tea (Austrailia)


1970's 7 sets?
Twinnings Tea


1960 to 1961 3 sets
Typhoo Tea Ltd.


1913 to 1976 63 sets
Weetbix (Sanitarium)


1942 to 1999 120 sets
Weetabix Ltd.


1959 to 1991 21 sets


Contributors to the list:
myself (of course) Terry Calleyne
Robert Prosser Terry L. Brown
Don Scanlan Terry Gomes


Last modified: April 22, 2021

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