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What was Issued for Bubble Gum Cards?

Parkhurst issued some sport cards in Quaker Oats but they are known for their sports bubble gum cards. I like the non-sport cards.

I am aware of at least 23 different non-sport series issued by Parkhurst. They are not well marked. They say "BY PERMISSION OF COLORGRAPHIC LTD." on them.  

Here's what I call a "starter list" of non-sport issues. If you have anything to add or change, please contact me and we'll square it up. 

Parkhurst non-sport Bubble Gum Card Issues

Series Name About Quantity Issued In Date Issued
Parkies Colour Comic Cards This set was issued under the name "Parkies Colour Comic Card Bubble Gum". The set features characters from popular comic strips of the time. Each pack includes portraits representing the characters featured in this set and includes Popeye, Dick Tracy and Terry. 39 Canada 1951
Parkies Birds (Audubon Society Birds) Cards Parkhurst Products Limited, in conjunction with the Audubon Society of Canada, released a set of 100 small trading cards (2" x 2 1/2") depicting a wide variety of Canadian birds. These beautiful little cards have a simple, but elegant, design: Solid white background, card number in the corner, and a beautiful full color picture of the bird (from Canadian Nature Magazine). The bird's name is on the back, along with a description of the bird, and Card production information. 100 Canada 1952
Believe It or Not  From the Ripleys Collection. 100 Canada 1953
Guns and Pistols The set comprises a pictorial firearm history from 1350 to 1952. Fronts depict color illustrations of individual identified weapons, while backs identify set title, card number, make and year of production of the firearm, contain detailed historical information about the development and use of the firearm, and advertise an album premium that was available via the mail for twenty-five cents. 50 Canada 1953
Race Against Time The cards depict all forms of speed and endurance racing (racing cards of boats, horses, runners, sports, aircraft, spacecraft, etc.) 40 Canada 1954
Operation Sea Dog The cards depict beautiful paintings of ships, sea battles and sea catastrophies from over the many centuries of shipping. The ships represented include ships like the Jolly Roger, HMS Titanic and many more. The Merrimac v. Monitor battle is commemorated. Guided missiles, submarines, frogmen and other scenes associated with the ocean/sea and military operations are represented. 50 Canada 1954
Parkies Fido Bubble Gum Man's Best Friend. 42 Canada 1955
Movie & T. V. Stars Fronts feature full color photos, backs have bio text. Stars include: Abbott & Costello, Marlon Brando, Rock Hudson, Betty Grable, Tony Curtis, Gregory Peck, Alec Guiness, Barbara Stanwyck and more. 45 Canada 1955
Photo-Magic Gum Cards Photo Cards At Least 42 Canada 1956
Sport Cars The cards depict sport cars 42 Canada 1956
Frontier Days The cards depict the frontier days 121 Canada 1956
Old Time Cars The cards depict old cars 64 Canada 1956
Adventures of Radisson The cards depict Pierre Radisson's life. They are based on the CBC network TV series during the same period. 50 Canada 1957
Animals The cards depict Critters 64 Canada 1957
Canadian Bird Cards Birds of Canada 42 Canada 1957
Missiles and Satellites The card set is in all actuality two sets of 25 cards sequential numbered from 1 to 50 on the back of the cards. The first set of 25 cards depicts artist drawings of a 1958 narrative of a futuristic look at space travel. The second subset of cards (26-50) is rather straightforward. This 25-card subset features color photographs of 22 USAF and USN missiles and rockets, plus 3 experimental aircraft. 50 Canada 1958
Zorro! The Zorro cards were based on the Walt Disney's Zorro! These cards were printed in Canada and feature scenes from the Zorro show. 50 Canada 1958
ZIP Puzzle Cards Puzzles 60 Canada 1959
Texas John Slaughter The "Texas John Slaughter" series was seen on Walt Disney Presents, on Fridays, over the ABC-TV network. 40 Canada 1959
Photo Vision ???? ?? Canada 1959
Indianapolis Speedway Winners The 1911 to 1960 Indianapolis Speedway Winners. The center of each card on the back says "Hey Mom, Don't Forget To Buy Hawes . The Finest In Paste And Liquid Wax." This made a lot of folks call the set the Hawes Indianapolis Speedway Winners. 50 Canada 1960
Fish Each card offers a bright, full-color picture of a North American fish species set against a blue, full bleed background. 50 Canada 1962
Treasure Island The set features colorful illustrations of scenes related to the classic tale of "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. 60 Canada 1964


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