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Parkhurst Issues


What was Issued for Bubble Gum Cards?

Parkhurst issued some sport cards in Quaker Oats but they are known for their sports bubble gum cards. I like the non-sport cards.

I am aware of at least 4 different non-sport series issued by Parkhurst. They are not well marked. They say "BY PERMISSION OF COLORGRAPHIC LTD." on them.  

Here's what I call a "starter list" of non-sport issues.  If you have anything to add or change, please contact me and we'll square it up. 

Parkhurst non-sport Bubble Gum Card Issues

Series Name Quantity Issued In Date Issued
Canadian Bird Cards at least 42 Canada 19??
Treasure Island 60 Canada 1956
Rocket Cards! 50 Canada 1958
Zorro! 50 Canada 1950's


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