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Cello Multiples


What the Devil are Multiples When it Comes to Cellos?

The bulk of the cards found in cellos are just plain two cards. Just two cards; two cards with a FAC (Free Album Coupon); two cards with a Completion Card; two cards and both a FAC and Completion; as well as having other promotional cards  stuck in the mix. If you ever tip one of those cellos sideways and take a look, you may find that you can count more than 2 cards.

How come more than two? Some theorize that the machine sometimes gets jammed and more (or less) than two fall into the packet. So they think it is a fluke. Actually, it happens often enough (at least in the early cards) to seem like more than a fluke.

I was fortunate to wind up with a 1959 Salesman's Brochure for Red Rose Tea. Of course the book promotes the Songbirds of North America, but the point made in the first series carries true for many of the next series. What does it say on one of those pages in the brochure? See below for an excerpt that most interests us.

The important statement is the one in parenthesis. One to six cards per package, depending on package size. So it seems logical that the large coffee cans and baking powder cans would have more than two cards in them. They could, it appears have up to six cards.

So I have decided to officially add the multiple carded cellos to the cello list.


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