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What's With the "Special" Color in Wild Flowers?

There was a "special" variation that came out in the Wild Flowers series for the US. The cards are rather hard to come by. Most of the difference has to do with the color. It's still blue, but a different shade. Some people call the color teal while I have also heard turquoise. Both shades refer to a bluish-green. Another funny thing about this off-shade is that it looks pretty much like the standard blue if you look at it in fluorescent light.  Looking at the two here, the standard one is on the left while the "teal" one appears on the right.

Why did they print these special cards? There's a question a few people would like to know. Maybe they ran out of the standard blue ink. Maybe they were experimenting. We don't even know if these cards were made at the first of the run, the middle or as a finale for the series.

Wow, they look pretty darn similar, don't they. The sharp eye of an avid collector has found another difference. Once again, many thanks to Terry Calleyne of Ireland for pointing out that there is a definitive way to determine the  special cards.

There are two places where the card mentions the cost of an album. If you look at the French text, you will see that the bar in the cent symbol is at an angle while (whilst for the British in the crowd) the special one has a vertical bar. So in the picture here, the top one is more common while the bottom one is rare. Thanks Terry! Now even the color-blind can hunt for the rarer version!  OK, now that you know, go out and scour your cards. Don't forget, I am looking for them for my personal collection and am willing to pay.

Hunting Tip: Take note of where I have underlined in red in the picture above. That is the only place to look. Don't be tempted to look at the other twenty-five cent symbol. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find a twenty-five cent symbol where the bar on the cent is straight up and down, just like you see here. It's a tricky difference but if you can find one (or more) like it, there is cash in your future from Bill.  

Last modified: February 18, 2017


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