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Nabisco's Aesop's / Fontaine Fables

Nabisco's Aesop's Fables / Fontaine Fables Collector Cards

In the tea card collecting community in Canada and the US, this is a special set in many ways. There are some things about this set that I have never seen in any other. Some of the interesting things about this collection include:
  • oversized cards (4 1/64" x 5 63/64") or (102 mm x 152 mm)
  • 20 unnumbered cards
  • each side of a single card is a different type of fable
    • Aesop's Fables in English
    • Fontaine's Fables in French
  • the story in English is totally different from the story in French
  • the images are of a higher quality
The list above shows us that this set is quite unusual. As with World Conquerors, they are not that common and a bit hard to come by. They were issued in Canada in 1964 at the same time as Earth-Shaking Events and World Conquerors, each in their own breakfast cereal. This set is called Aesop's / Fontaine's Fables. This is because every card has one side that tout's "An Aesop's Fable" and the flip side "Une Fable De La Fontaine" or "A Fontaine Fable". The stories are unrealated. I've never seen that before. A bilingual set has always had the same story in two languages... but not this time. This is an unusual case where two distinct stories of cards co-exist in the same set. There are 20 cards for Aesop and on the reverse of the same cards, there are 20 Fontaine Fables, all found in boxes of Shreddies. Each card features nice, high quality graphics and a great story (fable). Of course there is even a moral to the story.

I've never seen an album for the cards or a wall chart nor have I seen the boxes they came in.

The overall print runs were smaller, just because of the lower population in Canada. But this is low even for Canadian standards. The majority of all Canadian non sport cards are harder to come by.

Do you have a list of the different cards?

Of course I do, that's why I made this page. Hover over the French titles to see them in English. Feel free to click the top and sort the list any way you want. If you see a link then there is a picture to view. OK, I told you they were hard to find.... at least I have one scan...

Aesop's Fables & Fontaine's Fables - Cards Issued

Card Number (Random) Aesop Fable Fontaine Fable
1 Belling the Cat  Le Coq Et La Perle 
2 The Boy Who Cried Wolf  La Belette Entree Dans Un Grenier 
3 The Crow and the Pitcher  Les Deux Mulets 
4 The Crow and the Swan  La Cigale Et La Fourmi 
5 The Dog in the Manger  Le Corbeau Et Le Renard 
6 The Donkey and the Thistle  Le Cerf Se Voyant Dans L'Eau 
7 The Farmer and the Stork  Le Geai Pare Des Plumes Du Paon 
8 The Fox and the Goat  Le Laboureur Et Ses Enfants 
9 The Fox and the Stork  Le Renard Et Les Raisins 
10 The Hare and the Tortoise  Le Chameau Et Les Batons Flottants 
11 The Lark and Her Young Ones  Le Petite Poisson El Le PÍcheur 
12 The Lion and the Four Bulls  Le Renard Ayant La Queue Coupee 
13 The Lion and the Mouse  La Poule Aux Oeufs D'Or 
14 The Oak and the Reed  Lesvoleurs Et L'Ane 
15 The Old Lion and the Fox  Le Loup Et La Cigogne 
16 The Porcupine and the Snakes  Un Fou Et Un Sage 
17 The Wind and the Sun  Le Lion Abattu Par L'Homme 
18 The Wolf and the House Dog   Le Chien Qui Lache Sa Proie Pour L'Ombre  
19 The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing   La Fortune Et Le Jeune Enfant 
20 Two Travellers and the Bear   La Grenouille Qui Se Veut Faire Aussi Grosse Que Le Boeuf 

What else do we know about the series?

It's Canadian, it's Nabisco, it's 20 cards, it's two sets in one, it's damn hard to collect... What we haven't seen is an album or a wall chart or a cereal box.

I known there is at least one sized box. And I bet there are some nice magazine ads about the cards. If you ever run across a box or an ad showing Fables, please let me know and we'll put the pics up on this page.

This is one of the tough sets to collect. If you can get the 20 cards and call yourself extremely lucky.

A special thanks to Terry Gomes for the info on this series and for the pictures.

Last modified: April 29, 2021

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