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It's a lot of fun to collect all of the cards and albums but there are many other fun Red Rose things to collect as well. You have:

  • Cards came in the boxes of tea. Also coffee and in baking powder and other Blue Ribbon products.
  • Albums because you need someplace to put the cards, right?
  • Cello Wrapped Cards were issued in the coffee so that the coffee would not damage the cards.
  • Brooke Bond Naturalist Club Certificates were mail in offers for certification listed in the albums.
  • Collectable Forms are a fun sideline to collect. These include Completion Cards, Order Forms and Free Album Coupons as well as other offers. What are those? Dig deeper and you will find out. 
  • Printer Proof Cards were never available through Red Rose but these printer made variations are fun to collect.
  • School Wall Charts could be mailed in for, at least if you were a school. 
  • Grocery Store Posters were put in the windows of the grocery stores and on displays to remind people to buy Red Rose.
  • Promotional Posters were offered in some stores and through the mail via coupons. I am only aware of this happening for series 15 (Animals and Their Young) and series 16 (The Arctic).
  • Signs and Push Bars were also put up to remind people to buy Red Rose. 
  • Ads in periodicals are fun to collect. Brooke Bond advertised the tea cards in many Canadian and American magazines.  

Brooke Bond was responsible for the Red Rose Tea Cards. Brooke Bond has issued over 50 different card / album sets in England with only two sets similar to their Canadian / American cousins. Those would be Transport Through the Ages and African Animals. What happens when they copy the series over? Check it out here. If you would like to see all of the series issued by Red Rose, click here. Irish and South African Brooke Bond cards have also been issued. Very little exists as a price guide.

This is a Canadian Series 5 dinosaur card. The dinos are the most popular of the different series. 

  Last modified: February 25, 2022


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