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To get back to the main news page, aw heck, you know what to do!

So... What used to be new?

This is a continuation of the main new page. It's got the older updates that were done a while ago. Blow the dust off this page and enjoy!

Other older updates completed... 

  • Under Errors, I talk about a new type, the printer error. OK, the idea of a printer error is not new, just me talking about it is. Thanks to Don Scanlan again, for his example of a small printer error with the #17 Animals of North America that has no card number.

  • Hey, it seems Bill is going all artsy on us... Yup, with the help of Dave Huebert again. How about some research on which artist did which painting for ALL of the Red Rose artwork? It is really interesting to see how it all breaks down. Yep, we get to share Dave's hard work. Thanks Dave!

  • Under variations, there is a good description of the light blue US Wild Flower cards and how to tell them from the regular stuff. Thanks goes to Terry Calleyne for the detective work on that one. Hmmmm, seems Bill is leaving the tough jobs to others. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

  • John Rigg, former president of Brooke Bond Canada and a founder of Redco, has offered some interesting insights in the history of Red Rose. In particular, the US history in 1988 and 1990 are clearer thanks to Mr. Rigg. You can read his email to me. Click and find out.

  • How about Bill being published! What? Yup! A Canadian magazine for Marketing People decided to do an article on an enduring premium. What else could they pick but tea cards? So they did an article on yours truly and Red Rose tea cards. The magazine is called Strategy and the gal who did the article on me is Sara Minogue. Being involved with the article was a lot of fun. Check it out. 

  • Dave Huebert gave me the idea to spotlight completion card codes. What's that about? Click and find out.  

  • Someone suggested another non-Brooke Bond subject. So now there is a section on Tuckfields cards. What are Tuckfields? Well check it out!   

  • I wrote a pretty good article on Red Rose of the US and how they look to the past.  

  • Many thanks to Fran Wilson for sending a scan of the completion card type "E" from series 2 (Animals of North America) The list has been properly updated.

  • I got around to broadening the non-Red Rose section. Now there is a new section on Lyons Tea.

  • I also added a new section on Signs and Push Bars! Check it out.  

  • The cello page has some new updates thanks to Phil Millen.  

  • There is a new page on Wall Charts! Check it out.   

  • There is a new cello page. It shows all of the different combinations of cellos that I am aware of. There are a few surprises on the list. Primarily with regard to series 16 and 17. 

  • There is a discussion about error cards that are other than errors... Thanks to David Hart for his comments.  

  • I made a change to the look of the website. Mostly I got rid of the Red Rose logos at the top of the page. It made people think I was associated with Red Rose. People were always telling me that they loved my tea but.... Hopefully this will take care of it. 

  • There is a new link on the links page, welcome Debbie Carriere and her http://members.shaw.ca/teacards/ - Dannec site. (Note - It's been retired) Debbie wants to make sure you know the site is picture oriented and only Canadian. That's fine with me. It covers every series put out by Red Rose. It also speaks quite nicely to variations with clear examples. Not to mention the eBay price comparison is well done. 

  • I have pics of the Stratford show. See some faces of people that maybe you only emailed. It's a slow loader but well worth the wait.

  • I thought there might have been a new discovery by an avid collector. We had it on the site for a while but no one could corroborate it. A good friend and graphic artist named David Hart had a really good explanation of what the collector might have seen. Check it out!  

  • There is a new discovery by Don Scanlan about an error card in the Arctic series. Check it out! Don let me know, now he's a part of this site. Check your cards and you may get here too.  

  • I've decided to keep two mailing lists. You can get on either if you'd like. The first will let you know every time I hear about something big in cards. An example would be Debbie Carriere's discovery of the Arctic error card. The second list is for every time I crank out a new page, like the Canadian Animals Variations. If you are on the second list, you don't need to ask to be on the first one. Whichever you want to be on, just go to the new feedback form and let me know.

  • There is a great card show coming up in April. It is in England at Stratford On Avon. It will be on Friday the 26th for a half day (1:00PM - 6:00PM) and Saturday the 27 for a full day (10:00AM - 4:30PM). It is put on by the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain and is generally know as the Cartophilic AGM and fair. I am a new member of the society. It's a great idea to think about joining. I have never been to the fair but this year I plan on hopping the pond and checking it out.  (Note - the show was GREAT!)

  • Thanks this time to Mark Talbot. He kept asking me about the errors and variations for series 2, Animals of North America. By the way, there is a lot to learn there! By the time I was done answering his questions I had enough info to make a good page about it. Don't tell anybody Mark, but you actually got me to learn a little on the way. Share our knowledge at Canadian Animals Variations.

  • The latest is a new discovery by Debbie Carriere about an error card in the Arctic series. Check it out! I'd love to tell you that I was there first but my good friend Mark Knowler at TeaCards.Com scooped me on this one.

  • I worked on a collage page Red Rose Card Collage as well as continuing to fill in the albums. I also added David Hart as a new link. His website has some cool info about the dinosaur series. [Sadly, the site has since closed.]

  • I updated the history. I also got a link to the parent company of Redco, the US Red Rose Tea maker. Click the Red Rose logo on the right top of any page and you will go to Teekane. You see a picture of the home of Red Rose in Windsor, Ct. The shortcut to the history is Some Red Rose History. Have fun. 

  • I put a lot of work into Red Rose albums. There are several sub categories that should make for some interesting reading as well. Please check it out at Red Rose Albums and let me know what you think. I do owe a few more scans but it is a darn good start.

  • I have a new section created about the history of Red Rose. It needs a lot of work but I think it can be a nice resource. Please check it out at Some Red Rose History and feel free to contribute if something is missing or mis-stated.

  • Two new pages have sprung up on variations and errors. This is partly thanks to additional information provided by Philip Millen of the UK on square cornered cards.

  • I changed a bit of the website layout around. Everything under Red Rose was getting bunched so I spread it out a little. 

  • Terry Calleyne compared his proof card with one he saw on this site and made an interesting discovery. What do you think? Red Rose Printer's Proof Cards

  • I updated the Free Album Coupon page and created a new Check Lists page. Check them out!

  • I redid the front page. The watery looking sign is still there... at the bottom. What is new is that the picture at the top changes every time you reload the page. It should keep things different for a while. 

  • I added a couple of new links. Welcome to Mark Knowler who has a great site at TeaCards.Com and to Alan Wrathall who has a Brooke Bond Postal auction. [Sadly, Alan's site is no more] Click Tea Card Links 

  • I have completed getting the old AOL pages over to the new web format. People get confused about the old web site and how to get there. So I made an effort and the cards and albums pages have been added to this site and the old site has gone away. The most impact is seen on the Red Rose Cards Page and the Red Rose Albums Page.

  • I got a request asking why I do not have Morse's Royal Canadian Navy Ships cards on the Non Red Rose list. Check out what I did at Non Red Rose Tea Cards. There is a picture showing the difference in the Ships and Aircraft cards at the bottom of the FAQ. Check it out. Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

  • I completed a new section on Red Rose Proof Cards. I hope to add Check list cards next. Red Rose Printer's Proof Cards

  • I have completed a section on Red Rose Free Album Coupons. I hope to add Check list cards next. Free Album Coupons (FACs)

  • I added more stuff to the for sale section. In particular the "other" stuff. Check it out. Tea Cards - Other Great Stuff for Sale

  • The non-Red Rose listing has been started. I added those great Canadian Game Fish cards from Salada. I am sure you can think of some other tea card issuers to add to the list. Email me. Tea Cards - Non Red Rose Tea Cards


Last modified: January 22, 2017 


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